UCLA Extension

Culture is a potential source of both stress and well-being, informing behavior often without conscious awareness. Internalized in our identity, it can influence how the therapeutic relationship develops. It also impacts the effectiveness of interventions.

As clinicians are called upon to understand the influence of diverse historical, social, and economic backgrounds of clients, they need specific tools to help integrate culture and context throughout the process of treatment.

In a thought-provoking conference, UCLA Extension and Lifespan Learning will host a series of distinguished researchers and clinicians who will explore the greater impact of the cultural mind in psychotherapy.

Over the course of three days, experts will consider the significance of how cultural messages indoctrinate therapists to particular world views, and how these impact the practice of psychotherapy. A clear focus will help therapists understand how diverse populations view mental health, and the related challenges this can present in therapy. Participants will receive specific strategies they can utilize to integrate culture and context into their practice more effectively, allowing them to further connect with and empower clients.

Mental health practitioners, including Psychologists, LMFTs, LCSWs, Psychiatrists, counselors, and others, will benefit from this presentation of new research, discussion of clinical applications, and dialog between researchers and professionals. This program is intended for those with an intermediate level of knowledge and experience.

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